Hello and welcome. This is my first ever blog post and I thought why not start big and open with a post from the charismatic capital of Berlin. This is a city that has seen it all. War and peace. Division and reunification. Boom and bust. Berliners have endured change, and embraced it. Modern day Berlin is a city where cutting edge cool and centuries of history sit comfortably side-by-side.

The Brandenburg Gate, once a point of division now a bustling meeting place and tourist hotspot.

We were only in town for a short time and decided to stick to exploring the main tourist sights, ferried between them on a fetching yellow tour bus. For a self-confessed history geek like me, the remains of the wall and the Topography of Terror information centre was a must see, as was the area around Checkpoint Charlie (although the former checkpoint area is horrendously commercialised now). My younger travelling companions enjoyed a brief wander into the Tierpark and a visit to Alexanderplatz to see the Neptune fountain and the infamous T.V Tower .

A small part of the remains of the Berlin Wall .


Germans love their ‘kafee und kuchen’ and Berliners are no exception. We stopped off at Cafe Einstein just opposite Checkpoint Charlie. The coffee and cake were  divine and my companions very much enjoyed their Eis Schokolades. They also offer up a nice range of healthy snacks and salads too, if you want to feel virtuous. As an added bonus the interior is stunning and if you bag a window seat or outdoor table you’ll have a nice view of Friedrich Strasse with all of its hustle and bustle. Perfect for people watching!

Stunning Interior at Café Einstein….that chandelier though!

All too soon our time in Berlin came to an end and we decided to find something to take home with us. Now, if over priced and mass-produced trinkets are your thing, your well catered for pretty much everywhere. You can’t go far without finding a temple to tourist tat. There are so many shops selling ‘genuine’ pieces of the Berlin Wall, small wonder there is so little left to see. However, if you want to find something with a bit of Berlin heart- and- soul , do check out Box Off Berlin a.k.a Bob. Located on Zimmerstrasse 11, this gallery-cum-shop is a treasure trove of art, gifts , souvenirs and accessories. Many are one-off or limited production items and all are made in Berlin. We picked up an amazing graphic image of the TV Tower. Its now framed and displayed in my hallway at home and it makes me happy everytime I pass it.

Box Off Berlin. Perfect place for a browse and to find a bit of Berlin based design to take home with you.

My visit to the capital only whetted my appetite for more. I hope I’ll be able to return soon and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my visit. If you’ve been or plan to go, I’d love to hear your experiences, recommendations or plans. Happy Travels until next time!

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