Travel Plans 2017

As another year comes to a close, it seems the habit of many to look back. To review what has passed. And although its lovely to remember and reflect, I find it much more satisfying and exciting at this point to look forward and plan. To lay the foundations of the plans that will create the next set of memories.


I currently live a good three or four hours drive from the coast and having grown up close to the sea, I miss it! Sand dunes, rock pools and salty air. So some time spent by the sea will be on my agenda this year, hopefully in the form of a visit to the Dutch Wadden Islands. Located in the Wadden sea between Holland and Denmark, the whole area is a UNESCO world heritage site and looks to offer low-key, old-fashioned seaside fun. I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of visiting the island of Texel with its  shipwreck and beachcomber museum. It sounds like the kind of place the family an I could have some Famous Five-esque adventures!

As much as I love the coast, I also love city breaks. This year we plan to strike out more within Germany. The husband has already popped Frankfurt on the list for his birthday treat next month, and I’ve got my eye on Cologne and Hannover. We also hope to push over East to Dresden, Leipzig and Magdeburg. Time and budget allowing, I’d like to visit Wroclaw in Poland. The city is home to many dwarf statues and I think they would charm the children. Sweet as they are, these statues have a bit of a story to them and I’d love to research that. We could also disguise a full days research and sightseeing  as a dwarf hunt. Two birds, eh?


Like many others, I have fallen for all things Scandi over the past decade or so. Now the Scandi influence can be found everywhere. In my home, my wardrobe, my (Ikea) bookshelves. I certainly embraced Hygge this winter. So I’d love to get to the origins of something that has inspired me so much with a visit to Denmark, and possibly also Sweden. With Aarhus being a European City of Culture 2017, this could be the time to go. I need to prepare my bank balance for the shopping opportunities and my waistline for the Fikka first though!


And where will this time next year find us? The seeds for that expedition have already been sown. Husband and I have agreed to get away for Christmas and New Year 2017. We plan to book a ski/ Christmas break and work in a visit to Nuremberg. It’s a city we’ve visited before but we’d love to return. The only thing to resolve now is where to go. I’m Team Austria, he’s Team Czech Republic. We’ll see how it falls!

If you have travel plans or dreams for 2017, please let me know about them. If you have any hints or recommendations on the places I’ve mentioned, please leave me a comment I’d genuinely love to hear them. I wish you all the best in the coming year, may you travel well and often!

Wifeofandtravels x


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