So, February is done and dusted…and where did that month go?. February can be a difficult month in Germany. There is a hint of Spring in the air, but we are still prone to snow, minus temperatures and all seasons in one day. Despite the unpredictable conditions, we did enjoy lots of time outdoors this month. No such thing as the wrong weather, as they say.

A good time was had by all at Hannover Zoo. Although some of the attractions were closed due it being low season, there was still a lot to see and do. Highlights of the day included seeing some baby elephants in the Elefanten Kindergarten and getting pretty close up to a swimming hippo. The zoo is laid out to ensure you get as good a view as possible of the animals. My only criticism would be that the Zoo still hosts a show where the seals perform and personally I think that kind of thing should be placed firmly in the past.


We also spent some time as a family exploring Sparrenburg Castle. Something about living in German is that. no matter where you are, you are never too far from a castle of some description. Although the day was cold and rainy, we enjoyed exploring the well signed ruins and climbing the well-preserved tower to enjoy views across Bielefeld. The tower is exactly as I’d imagine Rapunzel’s tower to look. And yes, I did stand at the bottom and say ‘ Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your hair!’.  A visit to the castle also gave our youngest a stamp in his University Passport, if you missed my previous post about that, details on Children’s University




Given that we visited close to Valentines Day it was nice to see so many ‘ Locks of Love’ attached to the railings at the castle. I hope all the couples who have left a lock there are currently living out their  happy-ever-after.


While out and about, its apparent Spring is in the air but it doesn’t quite have a foothold yet. Winter is clinging on. So while we await Spring proper it will happen almost overnight, always does!- Spring has been invited in. Filling our home with flowers and plants is an absolute joy, it really does bring life into the house.


I’d love to know what you’ve enjoyed this month?

Until next time,





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