In Praise of Novotel

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to where to stay when travelling. Some are luxury seekers, some love the budget friendly hostel scene. Me? I like a nice hotel. Actually what I really, really like is  a Novotel. Let me tell you why…

Breakfast. On the go, in room indulgence or buffet style ,Novotel does breakfast very well indeed. That’s high praise from me, the picky eater and no fan of breakfast, generally. When travelling with the brood, breakfast sets the tone for the day. It’s where we sit and chat , make plans. Its more than just fueling up. The coffee is really good too, and that’s important. The world is a brighter place after a good cup of coffee, in my opinion.

Things Helen Loves, Novotel toiletries


Quality toiletries in the bathroom. A small thing some might say, but I don’t think so. I’ve stayed in many hotels where the generic soapy wash stuff left my skin itchy and tight. Or the shampoo and conditioner ( or the dreaded two-in-one job *eye roll*) left my hair paradoxically dry and greasy. Bleurgh. Knowing I’ll find decent products at my destination saves me a lot of luggage weight, especially when travelling with three daughters. Products that are pleasant to use, do the job intended and, as a Brucie Bonus, are eco-friendly. Leading into my next point…

Novotel is committed to sustainable development. The Planet 21 programme is a set of concrete and measurable objectives relating to things like energy and waste management. In practical terms this means things like eco-friendly personal grooming products, encouraging guests to reuse towels, using low energy lighting and offering guests fair trade goods where possible. Small things, big difference.

Things Helen Loves, Novotel Planet 21


Novotel is a chain so you know roughly what you’re getting when you book. And that’s part of the appeal to me, I must admit. But every time we stay with Novotel I notice each room has a little touch that just makes my stay that little bit nicer. It might be complimentary chilled water, a gift for the children or a kindly worded card in an empty fridge inviting us to use as we see fit or call reception to have it stocked as a minibar. It leaves me feeling that my stay, my way is genuinely important. Who wouldn’t want that?


Families are welcome. The little guests are as important as the big ones. Family friendly pricing policy ,interactive play areas, children’s menus and practical measures like sliding room divides (as discovered in Novotel Suites Berlin. Genius) and free Quinny pushchair hire make family travel that little bit simpler and a whole lot more enjoyable.

My final but most important point.The people. In a service based industry like the hotel trade, it’s the people you deal with that make or break your experience. Novotel, your people are making it. Staff who genuinely seem invested in making sure their guests have a great stay. And its not just the warm welcome and positive interactions with us directly. Let me end the post with a sweet little anecdote. We recently stayed at Novotel Suites in Berlin. Each day, housekeeping would come in and make up the beds. And each day we returned to find our youngest childs teddy bear neatly arranged and tucked up in bed witing for him. Novotel uses the hash tag Feel Welcome and, honestly, with thoughtful little touches like that… how could you feel anything but?

This post is in no way sponsored by or linked to Novotel. I just genuinely felt like writing a post in praise of a hotel chain that has never disappointed me. And since I come over all Hotel Inspector when I check in anywhere, thats really saying something. I look forward to many more happy stays with Novotel in the future.

Helen x




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