The Autumn Tree.

Way back in Spring ( doesn’t actually feel that long ago ,where did this year go, please?) I posted about the charming German tradition that is the Easter Tree. The German tradition originally involved decorating outdoors shrubs and bushes with colourful eggs and developed into the decoration of branches to be brought into the home. I’m not sure if the indoor version has its roots too deeply in German folklore or tradition, but it certainly caught on.  It’s a nice way to bring a bit of Spring indoors and add a splash of seasonal colour to the home. Anyone who has endured the awkward bit of a German Winter when Spring hasn’t quite sprung but the Christmas cheer has faded will know what a morale boost that can be.

I loved making my Easter tree. Bit of crafty faffing? pretty twigs? cute ornaments? an afternoon of creativity? Right up my street. So when I found myself in another awkward little time of year, the bit between the end of Summer and the beginning of Advent, I thought…why confine the tree to Easter? Why not an Autumn , too? I quite fancied making an Autumn Tree, and so I did.

It’s a very simple project and there are no rules. This would make a great project to get children involved with. Start off with a selection of branches or twigs, sized to sit in a vase. If you have a good craft store near you, you can probably pick some up there. I’m lucky enough to right by some woodland so we went out walking and found some along the way. Add some stones into the vase to keep the twigs stable.


Once the twigs are in situ, let the decorating commence. Think Autumn tree, think leaves. So leaves is where I began. These were actually part of a garland but I pulled them off and stitched a small loop onto them so they could be hung. I added fabric hearts in cosy, autumnal  hues and some woodland creatures in the form of cute little foxes and owls.  I’m not sure why the woodland creatures are Autumnal to me, I know owls and foxes go merrily about their business all year round. But that’s the beauty of creating something , you can use whatever makes you smile.


All of the decorations I used were picked up really inexpensively in German stores, all of the decorations I used came in under €10. The fabric hearts came from the craft section of Rossman and the rest from a shop called Tedi.. Both of these stores are worth a look if you are based in or visiting Germany. Tedi in particular is quite something, I defy anyone to walk in there and walk away empty-handed. Its full of things you never knew needed.

How are you embracing Autumn?

Until Next Time,

Helen x

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