In my last post I blogged about adventures of the under-the-sea kind and our time spent  Under the Sea @ The Deep, Hull.  But it was actually going over the sea that brought us to Hull in the first place as we sailed to and from the UK with P&O Ferries.

Things Helen Loves , image of ship with P&O logo

Having explored the world under the sea, the time came to once again cross it and head back to Rotterdam aboard the Pride of Hull. We’d enjoyed our sailing to the UK in standard outside cabins, but for our return journey we’d decided to splash out and upgrade to a Club cabin. Why? Well, they offer up more space and the opportunity for all five of us to be together in one cabin. So no more popping up the corridor to share the toothpaste or bickering over who is going in with who. I also read on the website the Club cabins come with a few extras and frankly, after days on end of living out of bags, staying with family and being on the go I was ready for a bit extra, a touch of luxury. Was it worth it? Yes. Absolutely. A thousand times , yes. And  aside from the space, here’s why…

Things Helen Loves, Double bed in cabin


The Double bed.

A spacious cabin, configured to sleep five by way of a double bed with a single overhead and two single bunks on the opposite side of the cabin. So I actually got to sleep with Mr THL. Also the beds and bedding were amazingly comfortable. We slept like babies… until the six AM wake up announcement, anyway.

Things Helen Loves, blacck and white wall art of a ship


The Stylish Decor

Calm tones, scatter cushions, stylish wall art complimented with crisp white bedding and a blackout blind make the Club Cabin a lovely space to relax before exploring the ship and a welcoming place to come back to having spent the evening dining or enjoying the on board entertainment.But its not all about the aesthetic, there are some very thoughtful practical touches. And that brings me neatly to…

Things Helen Loves, image of Club Cabin interior

The Plug

I’m not hugely tech savvy and I don’t usually get excited over plugs. Or cables or chargers or anything of that nature. What I do get, is irritated by the constant swapping of chargers and adaptors, squabbling over whose turn it is to use a plug and so on. So, imagine the ‘oooh’ moment when we discovered the beauty of the charging point in our cabin. A British socket, a continental socket and a USB point….all in one unit. Genius.

Things Helen Loves, image of multi socket charging point.

Anyone for Tea?

Or coffee? Or herbal tea? And maybe a biscuit to go with it? It was bags down, kettle on because our cabin came with a kettle and hotel-room style hospitality tray complete with a selection of hot drinks and biscuits. And proper mugs, not those silly half-size cups that you often get in hotels.

Things Helen Loves, image of tea and coffee tray onboard

Mini Bar

Need I say more? A well stocked, complimentary mini bar. Beer, wines red and white plus a range of soft drinks and bottled waters. And a couple of bags of crisps because, just like its nice to have a biscuit with a brew, its nice to have a nibble when you’re having a drink.

Things Helen Loves, image of Clarins products laid on white towel

Bathroom Bliss.

On previous crossings with P&O, we’ve been perfectly happy with the en suite facilities provided in standard cabins. And although there is complimentary shampoo/body wash in other cabins, there is something lovely about having that little bit extra. A shower with a bit more space, a hairdrier, piles of fluffy white towels and a range of Clarins products for some onboard pampering.  And when your done, if you want to lounge in comfort for a while, there are robes provided.  Bliss.

The Club Cabin was a great experience and solid value for money. It’s clear a lot of thought and research has gone into the design and it feels like its been created by people who have taken the time to get to grips with what the modern day traveller really wants. It brings the concept of a quality hotel room aboard the overnight ferry, and it works really well. More than that it brings a broader range of choice to the passenger. If your sailing as a minicruise passanger and know your going to dine, take in a show and dance the night away then maybe a standard cabin is all you need. But if you’d like or need a little more space, or know you’ll be content to relax in your cabin then the Club Cabin makes that possible. Having a kettle and a fridge available also makes the Club choice a great one if you are travelling with a baby or if you have specific needs. For us, travel weary and travel grubby after a busy trip rounded off  with a long day exploring, it was a calm and pleasant place to end the day with some much appreciated extras.

Things Helen Loves, View of Hull as ferry sails out of port.

I’ll give the last word to Matthew, aged 7 who commented that he would give the Club Cabin ” Four and a half stars out of five, because it was very nice but there was nowhere to put the suitcase to unpack and we had to use the bed”. What can I say, P&O, I would have given you five but I guess you can’t win ’em all…

This post is in no way conected to or sponsored by P&O. All opinions are my own (or those of Matthew, aged 7). This is honest feedback based on my own experience on a recent sailing. Cabins may vary depending on the route or ship chosen.




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