Introducing Our New Travel Companion

Drum Roll Please!

Introducing the newest member of our #familythattravels.

Meet Rocky. Part German Shepherd, part Belgian shepherd. Owner of one always wagging tail, two bright eyes that spot a dropped titbit at fifty paces, one wet nose, four paws that carry him on some long, long walks and whole lot of love for anyone he considers one of ‘his’ people.

Things Helen Loves, image of boy walking German Shepherd puppy
Just a boy and his best pal.

He’s full of fun, hard work at times but shaping up to be a beautiful companion and family guard. For a family who likes to travel (for pleasure) and relocates every few years (for business) he is also a game changer. We are stepping into the world of travelling with a pet in tow. Hello  pet passports, travel crates, dog friendly accommodation and pockets stuffed full of poo bags and dog treats.

Things Helen Loves, image of girl sitting with German Shepherd puppy

This might sound very limiting. You might think – because I certainly did- that having grown out of the season of travelling with baby equipment and all the ‘stuff’ that comes with young children that we’d be glad of the get- up -and- go freedom. And, yes, we’ve enjoyed a few years of spontaneous travel, city breaks and road trips.  But I don’t see travelling with a dog as a limitation, I see it as an opportunity. It’s all going to be a bit different, but it’s also going to shake up the places we go and the things we do when we get there. I’m very much looking forward to blogging the new experiences, from getting him travel ready with his pet passport right through to dog friendly accommodation and all things inbetween.

Things Helen Loves, image of black German shepherd puppy on beach
Sandy toes, sandy nose.

This fluffy little ( but getting bigger by the day) bundle is one of us now. I’m very excited about getting out and discovering a bit more of the world with him by my side.


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