About Me

Hello and welcome.

Things Helen Loves, Helen sitting on an old steam engine
Interesting find in a park in Berlin.

My name is Helen and I am a Mother to four, wife to one, friend, traveller and consumer of more coffee than would be considered sensible. I’m also a lover of history, books, beautifully scented candles and laughing until my sides hurt.

I am happily married to a soldier and  our version of travelling involves spending a few years at a time, in as many places as possible. Currently, we are very much enjoying a stint in Germany. This blog is a fun way for me to chronicle all the things I enjoy and explore along the way, however big or small. I hope you’ll enjoy reading as much as I enjoy capturing the places and moments that are meaningful to me.

If you’d like to get in touch, have any suggestions for future blog posts or might like to work with me, you can either use the contact form, or email me direct at helen.story@hotmail.co.uk.

I am so pleased to have you here and if you’d like a peek at what I’ve been up to that doesn’t make it onto the blog  you can also find me over on Instagram @thingshelenloves.

Helen x