Orkney Road Trip Day 1: Glamping & Invergordon.

For a woman who loves to travel, my knowledge of geography is rubbish. Example- I once suggested to my husband that we could road trip it from Northern Germany to Moscow. I didn’t realise Poland and Belarus were in the way and overlooked that Russia is bloody massive. Why am I admitting to this ?… Continue reading Orkney Road Trip Day 1: Glamping & Invergordon.

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International Happiness Day: The Travel Edit.

Happy International Happiness Day ! In honour of a day devoted to happiness, and throwing in a dash of inspiration taken from the #travelsparksjoy tag that’s doing the rounds, I thought it would be nice to talk about the travel experiences that create happiness. Obviously, what aspect of travel sparks joy is going to vary… Continue reading International Happiness Day: The Travel Edit.

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Chatty Post: Travel with Kids.

Travelling with kids can be an interesting business. Search  #travelwithkids on that well-known research tool Instagram and you’ll be immersed in images of families travelling and travelling well. Capable children on the backpacker trails. Taking in cultural sites, behaving impeccably in museums. Siblings lined up beautifully on a beach or hanging out joyfully together in… Continue reading Chatty Post: Travel with Kids.


Rediscovering The UK: Berwick & Eyemouth

I’m taking a deep breath before I write the following statement. Here goes: I’ve always loved to travel, but I used to think the UK was a bit second best. Don’t get me wrong, I always knew there were some nice places in the British Isles, but I definitely thought going abroad was better. Holiday… Continue reading Rediscovering The UK: Berwick & Eyemouth

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The Glasshouse Experience @ Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

If you google the phrase ‘health benefits of getting outdoors’, you’ll get about 155,000,000 results, and the consensus seems to be that getting outside is good for you. I am an absolute convert to this way of thinking. I firmly believe that time spent outdoors has a direct positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing. But,… Continue reading The Glasshouse Experience @ Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden


Introducing Our New Travel Companion

Drum Roll Please! Introducing the newest member of our #familythattravels. Meet Rocky. Part German Shepherd, part Belgian shepherd. Owner of one always wagging tail, two bright eyes that spot a dropped titbit at fifty paces, one wet nose, four paws that carry him on some long, long walks and whole lot of love for anyone… Continue reading Introducing Our New Travel Companion


Tombstone Tourism @ Glasgow Necropolis

I recently took a day trip to Glasgow with my eldest daughter. Our introduction to Glasgow started before we’d even left Edinburgh ,as we met a Scottish man on the train who’d emigrated to Sweden and was home for Christmas. We got chatting, as you do, and he swiftly informed us Glasgow used to be… Continue reading Tombstone Tourism @ Glasgow Necropolis