I’m an explorer at heart, although Im not against returning to the same places over and again, I like to find new corners to delve into. This isn’t hard to do in Berlin, given the way the city sprawls and evolves. On my last visit, the Hackesche Hof was my new corner. And what a find.


The Hackesche Hof is a series of interconnected courtyards, each with its own distinct feel and style.

Built in 1906 and regenerated in the nineties, the courtyards are now a place where people live, eat, drink, create, shop work and play. The whole neighbourhood has a rebellious,  carefree feel . It’s really worth exploring the surrounding streets, too. But the Hackesche Hof , after surviving two worlds wars, division and reunification, is the neighbourhoods heartbeat once again.


Within the courtyards you’ll find many interesting shops, many who craft the goods they sell on site. Highly recommended is Eat Berlin, not only do they sell a range of delicious Berlin foody goods ( I can vouch for the Basil and Balsamico dressing and the raspberry and lime curd) but the branding is pretty cool too. I couldn’t resist picking up one of the postcards. As a Brucie Bonus, many of the products they sell here are vegan friendly. Winner!

The range of shops is diverse and some of them are interesting for a browse even if you’re not in the market for what they are selling. My five-year old was fascinated by the hat shop and a shop that appeared to sell nothing but various styles of neck ware for men.

The courtyard that captured our imagination the most felt like an open air gallery. The whole place is adorned with graffiti, slogans and banners.

I’m not sure what the rules are ,if any, regarding who contributes to the artwork, it seemed a pretty eclectic mix. But it did create an amazing, creative, all-things-are-possible atmosphere.

Have you ever visited a place you’ve been before and discovered a new aspect that captures you?

Helen x




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