I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a beauty blogger. In fact my whole beauty routine is pretty low-key. I love reading style and beauty blogs and have good intentions but realistically I don’t use that many products and am not a particularly loyal consumer. In fact, I can count on one hand the brands I am committed to using and reach for time and again. One of those is Nivea and so when in Berlin I couldn’t miss the chance to dive into the world of Nivea at the Nivea Haus store on Unter Den Linden.



The scent that greets you as you enter the store is divine. Honestly, I wish blog technology was so advanced so I could waft the scent of Nivea at you, dear reader. It’s a scent that takes me back to my 80s childhood and being smeared with Nivea sun cream on holidays to the South of France. The association with this smell for me is sand, sun and smiles. Scent can be a  powerful, evocative thing.

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Nivea is a brand with age and heritage. Founded in 1911, Nivea has paved the way for the modern beauty industry. It was nice to see a range of products in the store that gave a nod to the brands heritage. This brands ability to evolve and develop while staying true to its roots probably explains why it continues to thrive in a very fickle industry.



The interior of the store is crisp and clean but very welcoming. The beautiful scent (sorry, Im banging on about that but it really is lovely) and familiar blue and white branding envelopes you. The Nivea Haus might dwell on one of Berlins busiest streets but once inside you are wrapped in the world of Nivea. Its like being wrapped in a beautifully soft, beautifully scented blue and white blanket. Yes, really. If you want to take it a step further and go for some real hands on pampering, the store does offer a range of treatments in its own in store spa.


I loved that the atmosphere and overall feel of the store and all of the branding focuses on wellness and relaxation, rather than the pursuit of any one beauty ideal. I felt very comfortable taking my pre teen daughters to browse and enjoy an introduction to the world of self-care without exposing them to unrealistic beauty standards and marketing pressures. From the dedicated baby range to the skin care for all seasons of life, there really is something for everyone in the family. Even the husband picked up some grooming bits. Hither to, unheard of!


I have to take a moment here to compliment the staff in the store. Friendly, welcoming and helpful without being intrusive they were a key part of how much we enjoyed our experience. Everyone spoke excellent English and really knew their stuff.

Modern life is tough. On our skin and on our sense of well-being. I know a nostalgic scent and few lovely products ( ok, more than a few I left the store with a nice little haul) wont change the world, but what a nice place to start, hey? Wether you’re a long-term Nivea devotee or just discovering the brand, dive into the world of Nivea. Come on in, the waters lovely.

Helen x

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