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The Latest Thing I Love…Letters & Post Boxes.

First things first. Mail or post? Mail box or post box? Mail man or postman? It’s post, post box and postman or ‘postie’ for me. When we moved back to the UK from Germany the first time my son, having been born in Germany had no concept of post coming through the door. So fascinated… Continue reading The Latest Thing I Love…Letters & Post Boxes.

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Preparing for Winter ( And Lockdown)

Here I am again, blowing the dust off this little blog of mine and starting over. I didn’t blog at all in October. Not intentionally, I had plans. Unfortunately, so did life. My October threw up deployment blues, Covid related isolation, heating & boiler issues, cancelled trips…boo to all of that. I let myself fall… Continue reading Preparing for Winter ( And Lockdown)

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The Secret Herb Garden, Edinburgh

On the outskirts of Edinburgh, just between the place where the city peters out and the open space of the Pentland Hills begin, lies the Secret Herb Garden. The garden was created by Hamish and Liberty, who wanted to create something special that blended their love of herbs, good food and all things vintage. The… Continue reading The Secret Herb Garden, Edinburgh