A Dog Cafe…something a little different?

A few weeks ago, a picture of a cappuccino decorated with a cute chocolate dog logo dropped into my inbox,  promptly followed by a picture of a very cute little dog wrapped in a blanket snuggled on my eldest daughters lap. She’d made a visit to to a local dog cafe,  The Dog & Scone, located in  my hometown of Newcastle. I was utterly charmed, and with a visit to Newcastle already on the cards, I made a booking for a family visit.

Things Helen Loves, Image of small dog cuddling on lap

Hold on…a cafe you need to make a reservation for?

Yep, you need to book a slot online and pay a small deposit. This is for the benefit of both the canines and the customers. The dogs don’t get overwhelmed by too busy an environment and limiting the number of customers means each visitor  gets the maximum snuggling opportunities.

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A family reservation…so children are welcome?

Yes, as long as they are over 120cm in height and accompanied by an adult. The Dog & Scone is a really welcoming and family friendly place, but some restrictions need to be in place for the well-being of both residents and visitors.

Dogs in a cafe though, isn’t there a hygiene issue?

Ok, I have to admit that this thought did cross my mind. But the cafe area and kitchen has been carefully zoned so that staff working in the cafe area don’t enter the kitchen and kitchen staff don’t enter the cafe. There is no risk of cross contamination or dogs getting into the kitchen. In that sense, the dog cafe is probably more hygienic than the average home with a couple of dogs who have the run of the house.

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What about the dogs, do they enjoy what they do?

They do, and it shows. All of the dogs belong to the cafe owner and go home each night with them. The cafe has grown around the dogs rather than the dogs being acquired to fill the cafe. Watching the dogs together, they interact like a little canine family. You’ll even spot some ‘family’ pictures up on the wall.

Things Helen Loves, images of dogs arranged as family tree

The Dog & Scone has a very relaxed garden themed environment complete with a doggy restroom and ventilation system for the four paws, plus plenty of space and the usual facilities for the humans. There is also a set of House Rules to be followed to make sure that the dogs enjoy their day and are safe and comfortable…just as we as visitors would expect to be.

The dogs set the pace here. If they don’t want to be fussed or move away, staff ensure that visitors respect that.

But it’s not all about the dogs. What about the people behind the D & S experience?

Well, let’s be honest, the dogs are the stars of the show! But there is, of course, a two-legged team that make the Dog & Scone experience happen. Cafe owner Sean Shi is also the owner of all the dogs. He nurtured a dream of opening a Dog Cafe after visiting one overseas, and after much planning and hard work, the Dog & Scone was born.

If the cafe owners are proud parents, the staff are like doting Aunties. The two waitresses on duty during our visit clearly knew each dog as individuals and were very good at matching the dogs to the customers and answering any questions we had. It’s clearly a team effort with the well-being of the star residents at the heart of all they do.

Things Helen Loves, picture of boy with pug on his lap

Up for it? Here’s what you need to know…

You’ll need to book a slot in advance and pay a small deposit, which is taken off your final bill. Upon arrival you’ll need to wait until staff welcome you in but there is a small waiting area.  Outdoor shoes need to be removed so in the interest of hygiene and comfort, you might want to take along some socks. Although, FYI- they do sell some really cute ones.

You can’t take your own dogs nor should you take your own treats to feed the dogs. It’s a good idea to read the House Rules before you go and to run over them with younger children so they know what to expect.

Things Helen Loves, picture of House Rules,

The Dog and Scone is a lovely experience, bringing something unique and special  to Newcastle. Each of the dogs has its own character and it’s a pleasure to spend time with them.

And if you think you’d like to make a visit, find full details, location and online booking at www.dogandscone.com

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Note: This post was originally published in 2018, long before we took on our own four legged friend. This was how we got our doggy cuddles before we made The Little Wolf one of us. Post updated in 2022.

Helen x

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  1. I need to visit Newcastle! My gosh I need some dog cuddles even though I don’t drink coffee 😂😂

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      It really is the loveliest place, I don’t even think I finished my coffee. Too many adorable distractions!

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