So, this post is a little bit different for me but nothing ventured and all that! I really enjoy the various Tag posts that do the rounds in blog world and on YouTube, so I thought I would give this one a go. Without further ado…

Currently I am

Missing… My husband. He is working away and its very quiet without him. I know, I am a big softy!

Wishing… I could get a good nights sleep. I haven’t slept well for weeks and I’m feeling it. If anyone has any tips, tricks or products to help with that, do let me know in the comments.

Wearing… an embellished tee from Oasis, an old-but-gold pair of Levi 501s and pink flip flops from Havaianas.

Listening to… lots of late 90s dance and techno and feeling nostalgic. Also lots of podcasts, especially from The Mustards.

Admiring… Ariana Grande. To get back on stage in Manchester so soon after the recent attacks, and reaching out to others at a time when she herself must be feeling really raw, took grit and courage. She has shown true character and bravery.


Using Dresdner Essenz bath bombs. A recent discovery that I am loving.

Feeling… Positive and hopeful. If a little tired.

Appreciating… The fact that I have some amazing, supportive, dynamic, inspirational female friends in my life. I think positive relationships between women are so important.

Loving … The glorious summer weather we have been having here in Germany. Long may it last.

Watching… Nothing at the moment, I am open to ideas though. I am waiting for new seasons of Stranger Things and Glitch to come onto Netflix. Leave me some suggestions in the comments if you’ve watched anything good lately. I need something  I can crack on with while I wait!

Reading… I’ve just finished Tsunami Kids by the brothers behind the Gandys brand and it is an amazing story. Ive just picked up The Drowning Pool by Syd Moore, so that’s my next read.

Craving… Nandos. Or a British style Indian takeaway. The things I can’t get here and miss muchly. Making my own version at home just isn’t the same.

Not Sure Of…Where the future is taking me. Literally. Our next home depends on my husband’s job and I know we will move within the next year or so but I have no idea when, or where to. It’s a strange feeling, but I am staying open-minded and positive. Things will fall into place, eventually.

Determined to… keep blogging!

Regretting… Nothing. Everything becomes a lesson or an opportunity. Why allow regret to suck your time and energy.

And that’s me! I picked up this tag from Lia over at Be sure to check out her lovely blog.

Until next time,

Helen x



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  1. Aw thank you! Great post, going to read it all now:) xx

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