March. What a month it has been. Well, the whole of this year, really. Every time I think we’ve seen it all, something else happens. Putin’s a pain, prices are getting painful and Will Smith worked himself at the Oscars. What to do?

When the world feels like it’s going bonkers, I think its more important to be positive. Find the highlights and moments of joy, however small. Live your best life, daily. For me this month, that involved a bit of…


Kicked off the month with two seasons of dark polish drama The Mire and The Mire 97. With the first season set in the 1980s and the second time slipping between the 1990s and the 1940s, this is good viewing if you like a side order of time travel with your television. The cars, the outfits, the music.

The writers haven’t reinvented the wheel, it’s a cop drama with history. That said, the darkly twisted plot keeps you guessing and the ending is satisfying. Also, S1 throws up some gorgeous 80’s outfit inspiration from a couple of Polish prostitutes and S2 gifts us a strong female lead in the form of Anna Jass. A hard drinking, hard working female detective who also makes decisions based on horoscopes and moon phases. My kind of woman.

Post Poland, I popped over to Germany for Black Island. Honestly, the plot of this one is bizarre. Can’t say too much without spoilers, but there’s a revelation towards the end that cast an odd light on things. Plot quirks aside, it’s watchable and has some endearing characters.

The real star of Black Island is the location. I love it when you watch something and the setting is almost like a character itself- this is one of those. I’m hoping someone knows what I’m trying to say!

The filming took place on the North Frisian Island of Amrum and it’s a beauty. Vast stretches of beach, boardwalks and cute seaside cottages. Made me heart ache for Germany and North sea adventures.

Celebrating All Things Wiltshire.

We are staying in Wiltshire for a bit longer. I genuinely love it here, so it’s brilliant news, although only a temporary extension. It’s a beautiful place and handy for some bigger adventures when we feel like it. I’ve been researching the places we’ve yet to visit and planning lots of walking, exploring and general messing about.

Whilst looking up all things Wiltshire, I stumbled upon the Home County Candle Co. They sell a range of candles named after and inspired by various parts of Great Britain. I couldn’t resist picking up a ‘Wiltshire’. No regrets, it came in a beautifully illustrated box and fills the room with wafts of rose and patchouli.

Love lighting a candle to lift a gloomy day or create a bit of cosy.

Appreciating The Wolf

I love my dog at any time, that goes without saying. He is spoiled and adored. But the past six weeks or so, I’ve really come to appreciate the affection and reliability he creates in my life. It’s been a tough time; Mr THL went off army-ing leaving me flying solo through some challenging days. For the first time ever, he left without me really knowing when he’d be back or where he’d go while we were apart. I found it a bit difficult.

The routine of walking and feeding and cuddles brings a pattern and distraction into my days. The small talk and friendly wave from other dog walkers can lift a morning or bring the day to a close on a better note than it started. And Wolf cuddles might leave you a bit smothered and covered in hair, but they are very therapeutic. Here’s to the love of a loyal four paws.

By the time you read this I hope Mr THL will be back to irritate me and the Wolf will have dumped me for a little while. He likes to go to work with my husband, where he has his own dog tag complete with canine service no. and an armchair. Like I said, spoiled and adored.

Seeing Spring, Springing.

I think we’ll all welcome the signs of Spring after a long Winter topped off with a series of storms, hey? I feel like Spring was slow to arrive here in Wiltshire but now she’s here… oh she is beautiful. Spring flowers, blossom, frog spawn up in the puddles and ponds on Salisbury Plain. Days warm enough to enjoy, evenings cool enough to feel cosy. That extra little bit of daylight at the end of the day. Lovely!

Looking for the Good and Doing What I Can

Because that’s how you get through tough times. The headlines have been grim and times uncertain, but the outpouring of support for all affected by the crisis in the Ukraine has been heart warming. Our local church gathered so many donations of military provisions, clothes and toiletries that it had to find an extra truck to get them out to Romania and Poland. One mans evil has brought out the good in millions.

Image Credit: Treefall Writing via Google Images

Doing what I can… well, for years I’ve been a low level prepper. My first German winter got me started and the Pandemic made me really start to think about being prepared for, well, anything. So I’ve stepped up my efforts a bit and started to prep in an organised fashion. Am I going to turn into an off grid living, armed-to-the-teeth, conspiracy theory spouting crazy lady? No, probably not *. But this I know; when events go beyond your influence and seem to want to steal your sense of peace, seeing the good and doing what you can does help.

*Can give no guarantee that this won’t happen. Could actually be a crazy preppin’ dog lady in the making.

That was my March, a month of being and reflecting rather than doing. Not the most exciting month, honestly, but it happened and I did my best so might as well celebrate it. Wishing everyone a happy month ahead.

Helen x

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  1. Well, it seems to me you’ve packed a lot in – even if a lot of it revolved round Netflix! But you enjoyed the Great Outdoors too, so a good mix all round.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Yes, it’s been a strangely quiet-but-busy one. Thanks for popping over to read and comment, always appreciate it!

  2. So pleased you are able to extend your stay in Wiltshire a little longer Helen. Hope that Mr.THL is now safely back home too. Have a good weekend.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Marion, no sign of him yet but I think he’s on the move. I’ve tidied up and got the beers in so when he does get back he’ll think it’s been that way the whole time and that I’m very organised and never broke a sweat haha.

  3. One cannot see the intelligence in the Wolf who is clearly saying ‘Another photo? We’ve got walking to do, girl!’ Without smiling. Totally agree with you last sentiments (not that you’ve yet crossed over in batshit bonkers bag lady with dog and clipboard). And hope your hub isn’t snagged by any sideswipes coming from the Gollum in the Kremlin.

  4. It’s wonderful that the Wolf is being such a pal whilst your husband’s away. I hope he’s back soon. I should watch more stuff with subtitles, I’ve got a bit lazy, but they are really no hassle once you get watching something. Looking forward to your future Wiltshire travels.

  5. Your description of the Mire makes me wish we had Netflix but it’s hard to justify when we can’t keep up with the programmes we CAN access 😆 We get our foreign drama fix from Walter Presents on All Four!
    Sorry to hear you’ve been left alone for a bit but Wolf looks like the perfect doggie companion. I hope your husband gets home again soon!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Sarah, I’m hoping he’ll turn up again soon and stay long enough to get on my nerves 😆 But we’ll see!

      We switched the other way and ditched the TV licence so we really just use Netflix and free You Tube. There sone great stuff from Walter Presents, that’s where I found the Deutschland 83 series.

      1. Oh yes we watched that one. I’m currently gripped by the Twelve and we both loved The Adulterer and Hotel Beau Séjour (highly recommend the latter if you like murder mysteries as it has an unusual twist, to say the lest!)

  6. Years ago I went to Amrum because my then-girlfriend (American) had some distant relatives there that she wanted to (or had been instructed to) meet. They were all very nice and the island was certainly beautiful.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Oh, lucky you! I’d love to visit, although it’s quite a haul from the UK. I’m still a little hesitant about international travel, but hopefully one day. We’ve had some lovely holidays in Travemunde and up that stretch of coastline, it would be lovely to see some more German islands and coastline.

  7. themindfulstag says:

    It sounded like a lovely month overall! The wolf is absolutely adorable, it sounds like you found some good programs to watch on Netflix, Wiltshire sounds nice and those photos you took of spring flowers are absolutely beautiful! I wish you a lovely April!

  8. He’s a good looking Wolf and that’s a nice looking location for the drama, Helen. We watch endless documentaries and I try to keep up with the Portuguese subtitles. Disheartening at times! But nothing’s as disheartening as the Ukraine.

  9. I love your Wiltshire love 🙂 I need to put The Mire on my list – I watched a German show called Dark which sounds a bit similar

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      The Wiltshire thing is strange for me, because I actively avoided coming here for the first decade of the husbands career. I didn’t expect to feel so at home here. I watched the Dark and really enjoyed it. Well, Season 1. I got half way through Season 2 and realised I wasn’t entirely keeping up… maybe I’ll give it another go.

  10. The Wolf looks more handsome every time you post a picture of him! I suspect he knows this. I hope your husband is home now and you can have a more settled period.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Anabel, I suspect The Wolf knows exactly how appealing he is and that it keeps him out of trouble! Ah the husband has been and gone, a flying long weekend before duty called again. Fingers crossed for some proper time off for him at Easter.

  11. Despite the fact, that March is normally my favorite month (because I have a birthday in March), it was a pretty hard and challenging month also for me. I needed to learn and accept many new things that happened not only in my private life but also in the whole world! Ahh, we live in such a crazy world, but I believe, that the good will win and one day we will all be happy again!

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