Another month comes to an end. That makes it just about half way through the year. Time is flying, even if we are all having a bit less fun than we might like. I quite like writing round up posts like this one, it’s a nice way to reflect on the positives of the month just passed and a place to chat about bits and bobs that don’t fit in anywhere else on the blog. I did wonder about writing one this month. Surely, at this stage of lock down, there’d be little to write about? Well, no. Turns out May has been a lovely month for things like…

Loving Where I Live

As an army wife who moves around a fair bit and a girl who loves an adventure, I like to be going somewhere. I’ve always got my eye on the next place I want to be, see or visit. Being at home has forced me to stop and enjoy where I am right now. Appreciate the now and everything  I have around me.


I’ve walked from home pretty much every day this month and it’s given me a renewed sense affection for the place I live.  I’ve watch the kites and buzzards over Salisbury Plain and had a go on a military assault course. Turns out I’m not as fast or flexible as I’d like to think. I’ve found a tiny church and graveyard tucked into the edge of a forest and gazed through the gates of our local country house. I’ve also spent some long and lazy days in the garden. Chatting, playing scrabble, pottering. Or just doing a whole lot of nothing.





The lesson here for me being, it’s ok to look ahead but don’t overlook what you already have. That said, I can never resist a little bit of…

Planning for the Future

Well, it’s always good to dream a little bit, isn’t it?

Mr THL and I have had vague ideas about owning a camper and post-army van life for a few years now. Having had more time at home together lately than ever , we’ve started working out some real plans for the future, including getting ourselves a van renovation as a family project. Given restrictions on travel and the need for social distancing, we can’t push this  one as hard as we’d like quite yet. You Tube, Pinterest and  browsing the pages of Van Life is keeping us fired up for now.

IMG_2199 (2)

This is definitely going to be one of those not-sure-what-we’re-doing-but-doing-it-anyway things. Dream big now, finesse the details later, right?

Enjoying a Little Gift From Nando’s

I love Nando’s. Love it. I was living abroad when Nando’s really took off in the UK, so I’ve been a bit of a late adopter, but I’ve definitely made up for it since. I know missing a much loved takeaway is a bit First World Problems in the grand scheme of things but I do miss it. So getting a little gift through the post from my favourite drop-in-for-dinner place was a lovely morale boost.

IMG_2192 (2)

Must admit though, lovely as it is to recreate a little Nando’s fix at home, its not quite the same. As soon as those grills are being fired up again, I’ll be there.

Going to Finland

Alas, not really. Only via the medium of Netflix. Mr THL and I have been watching Bordertown, a Finnish police drama set in the lakeside city of Lapeenranta.  The scenery is stunning and the characters very likable, even if the death rate is improbably high for such a small place.

holidays car travel adventure
Photo by Mihis Alex on

Finland has been an ‘on the list’ destination for a few years and delving into some Finnish TV has put the idea of family trip back on our minds. There’s a bit more on that coming up in a future post. Who wouldn’t want to visit a country voted the happiest place in the world?

Reading & Walking

Love doing both. Not at the same time, obviously. This month, one has inspired the other. I’ve just finished reading The Salt Path by Raynor Winn. It’s a romance, an adventure and a tale of triumph. It’s also a true story. Highly recommended.


I’ve always enjoyed walking and hiking, but The Salt Path has me fired up again and keen to tackle some longer distances. Walking can be about so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other, and since it seems like we are going to be living with travel and social restrictions for a little while yet, it’s a good time to get back into it.

So that was my May. The most exciting month? Not really. A happy one though. With time to walk and talk, dream big and make plans. There’s a lot to be said for that. I’d love to hear how your May went, let’s chat in the comments.

Helen x.










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  1. I enjoyed your round up of May. Like you, I’ve grown to appreciate my hometown much more taking long walks here, there and everywhere. I’ve rediscovered baking and enjoyed leisurely family barbecues in the May sunshine. Board games have been dusted down from cupboard shelves and we now look forward to our weekend Scrabble games accompanied by a glass or two of wine and a few nibbles. Surprisingly we’ve also become addicted to Dominoes! I found an ancient box of Double Nines whilst tidying up and ever since we’ve have had best of three nightly games. I never realised it was such a tactical and fun game! I’m also part way through a Digital Marketing Course which is proving very interesting and giving me ideas to enhance my own website. Last but not least, I’m constantly thinking of where I want to go when we can have a holiday once again. Let’s hope its not too long to wait now. Do visit Finland, I absolutely love it and have spent more time there than anywhere else. I’d return in a heartbeat! I’ve written extensively about my travels in Finland in my blog so if you want to while away a few minutes you might get some inspiration. Keep posting! Marion x

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Ah Thank you Marion! Yes, I will have a look at your Finland content, I do remember reading about your trip to the Moomin museum. I’m pretty sure we’ll get to Finland, it’s just a matter of when. I think we’ve all done well to stay so positive and motivated given all that has happened. And although I look forward to being able to travel again, I think I’ll make an effort to keep some of the simple, homely pleasures as well. It’s all about balance, I suppose! Helen x

  2. Hello.

    Welcome to Finland. Here is another person who has presented Finland thoroughly. Among them is Lappeenranta, which is small, but beautiful summer town. It offers mainly two specialties: Sand sculptures and cruises. Due to Corona, sand sculptures this year, are displayed starting the first of July. From Lappeenranta it is possible to make short trips to nearby towns. Another interesting town is Savonlinna with its historic castle and also possibility to World’s biggest wooden church. All these and much more you will find among my 413 posts.

    P.S. Moominworld In Naantali is open June 6, 2020 – August 23, 2020.

    Happy and safe travels!

  3. It’s funny, isn’t it, how the time gets filled? I assumed in March that I’d have nothing to write about in future monthly gallivanting posts, but in fact I have far too much. Walking the same areas all the time really makes me look at things and notice new details. I could fill several posts each month with the west end of Glasgow (and maybe I’ll have to once I’ve caught up with my backlog)!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Well, they say work expands to fill time and apparently so does leisure. Although despite having a lot of time I still have a lot I haven’t gotten round to. You should write the Glasgow posts, definitely!

  4. That was a good round up -books , TV , travel, food , walks and those beautiful photos accompanying it. So much to appreciate and so much to look forward to . Great post, Helen!

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