All good things must come to an end, as they say, and it would seem the end is in sight for my time here in Germany. We have another year or so to fit in the many things we want to experience before we move onto destinations anew, but where that may be is anyones guess!

I am terrible for having 101 ideas flitting around my mind, but I don’t always quite get to pinning them down into solid plans. So this is my Germany bucket list; things I intend to do before we get orders to pack up and move on. I have picked them, listed them and hopefully this will motivate me to action them. So, in no particular order…

The Eder Dam in Germany
Eder Dam, one of the three made famous by ‘ The Dambusters’

To visit all three of the ‘Dam Buster’ Dams.

Cheating a bit listing this, because it’s partially accomplished. We have already visited the Mohne Dam and the Eder Dam. In fact, the resort area around the  Edersee has become one of our favourite places to spend a hot day, in the absence of any coastline locally.  So just the Sorpe Dam to visit and I can say I’ve been to all three dams targeted by Operation Chastise in WW2.

To Visit Berlin, Once again…

Or twice. Or as many times as  can be squeezed in, really. And a little detour to Potsdam, time allowing. Plans are in hand to make this happen. Watch this space, dear reader. Beautiful, historic, creative, diverse Berlin, with its bears and its bars and it all-things-possible feel…I do love it.

To add the word ‘Pet’ onto an Auf Wiedersehen sign.

I know. A bit naughty. And this reference may be lost on younger readers. But I’m originally from Newcastle and of a vintage to appreciate all things 80s. So every time I read a sign that wishes me ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ I mentally add (and think it should read) ‘Pet’. That’s livin’ alright…

To find a ghost hunt or tour.

I am fascinated by the past and really want to believe in spirits and energy from the past still being around. The area I live in is so rich in history- think war, witch trials, Abandoned Sanatorium– that if you are going to find something , you might well find it here. If nothing else, it would make a fun night out. One for the girlfriends, methinks.

To be the Queen of the Castle.

Or the schloss. A stay in a Schloss ( castle) hotel has long been on my to-do list. I dream of a moat, suits of Armour and huge stone fireplaces. There are many former castles and hunting lodges now converted to lodgings all over Germany. Much like the British stately home, they are expensive to run and preserve and so have to earn their keep. The challenge will be picking one that ticks the boxes and meets the budget.

Nana sculpture in Hannover
One of the Nana sculptures of Hannover by Nikki de Saint Phalle.

Herrenhausen Gardens, Hannover.

Not only do these endlessly photogenic gardens look a joy to wander, they also feature a grotto designed by Nikki de Saint Phalle . I have developed an interest in the life and works of this artist following our recent city break to Hannover, where you will find the iconic Nana sculptures by the same artist.

A visit to the Autostadt

Germany is well known for its automotive heritage and innovation, and where better to explore this than at the Volkswagen Autostadt. A range of attractions awaits, and its not all about the cars. The Autostadt also features a park area and lagoon that is host to a range of cultural events across the year. Its also quite close to a designer shopping outlet. It would be rude not to.

Explore the Harz Mountains.

The Harz Mountains area is rich in history, natural beauty and just a short drive from home. Despite this, for some reason, I have never gotten around to planning a visit. Many of the towns are now UNESCO world heritage sites and I just know of I leave Germany without having explored the area, I will regret it.

Explore The Moselle

Finishing as I started, listing something that is a bit of a cheat as plans are already in hand to make this happen. Despite having driven through several wine producing areas and marvelled at the vine yards from a distance, I have never made a trip of it. So a visit to the Moselle region is actually the very next thing I am working on. And of course, in the interest of research, I will sample the local goods and report back. Wine influenced  musings  from the Moselle to follow.

Do you have something or somewhere to add? Lets chat in the comments, it makes my day to hear from you.

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    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thankyou, Berlin is really worth a visit, there are not many destinations that draw me back but this is one of them. So sorry its taken me a few days to reply, I have been out in the proper countryside. Lots of fresh air and rural loveliness, but no internet! x

  1. Nice post here Helen. Made me realise that I saw very little when I went to Germany a few years ago. 🙂 I just followed your blog and hopefully I’ll try to read your other posts soon.
    – Amor

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      It is a very diverse and endlessly interesting country. Thank you for the follow, looking forward to checking out your blog too.

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