If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed (couldn’t have avoided, really) that I have posted a seaside themed picture or five. If you’ve been round here for a while you might also know I don’t live anywhere near the sea and that I miss it. Hence why I was so excited this week to not only drive to the Dutch coastline, but also to watch it slip away as we boarded a ferry and headed out to Terschelling, an island in the Waddensee. Taking the ferry was quite exciting in itself. Sailing out across the open sea made the trip feel like an escape from everyday life.


Do you remember the song about being fond of sand dunes and salty air? I do, and I am. If you are too, then this could be the place for you. Terschelling is known for its stunning coastal scenery, including miles of beautiful dunes and broad beaches. The wind whipping in off the sea means you also get the salty air in abundance, like it or not. On the plus side this also makes parts of the island great for kite flying, wind surfing and kite buggying.


There are some beautiful cottages nestled into the dunes. Holiday home goals. I did indulge in a daydream about owning one, the inside would be all pale wood, blue cotton and Ralph Lauren. Ah, a girl can dream. The high-end home is out of reach but exploring the dunes and beaches is free. We enjoyed taking advantage of the miles of walking trails, jumping from the dunes (not that high, but felt a bit daring) and going barefoot on the very soft and very clean sand.


Sorry, by the way, if your going to be humming about sand dunes and salty air for the rest of the day now. I believe the next line of the same song is something about quaint villages and you will find them here, too.


We stayed in a rather nice self catering apartment on the edge of the village of Midsland. It is, as the name suggests, a pleasant and pretty place about in the middle of the island. If you want to stop off for a coffee you can do so in the old blacksmiths, now a cute café.


I particularly liked this chap with a pill on his tongue, mounted on the village drugstore. He looks like an old sea dog, I think. Much like a German Apotek, the drugstore sold a vast range of pills for your ills and products for your vanity.

IMG_4148 (2)

Being Holland, there was of course a Cheese shop.One with a sense of humour, judging from the board outside. Yes, I did sing it, much to the embarrassment of my children. Payback for the many public tantrums I dealt with when they were wee.


Terschelling is an island that delivers everything a Famous Five-esque seaside break, for adventures, exploring, beach combing, fresh air and ending the day contentedly worn out.


Have you any travel plans for the Easter break? Been or going someplace lovely? I’d love to hear about it.

Helen x




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  1. So interesting. I’d never given a thought to there being islands off the Dutch coast – and so cute.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      It really is a lovely place, we only heard about Terschelling through word of mouth. I glad we made the effort to visit though. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

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