If you visit Disneyland Paris, as we did recently, it’s very easy to stay within the confines of the park and your hotel. But to do so is to miss a trick, as just a few minutes drive away  is Val d’ Europe. And its worth a look. Wondering why ? . Well…

It’s Accessible.

Depending on where you are staying, you could be within walking distance. If not, its well linked by public transport. There is also a shuttle service available between the complex and selected hotels. We used the door-to-door shuttle and it cost less than €15 return.

It’s a Two-For-One Kinda Place.

The shopping here is split into two distinct zones. The Val’ d Europe shopping mall, a vast indoor shopping centre with all the well-known-and-much-loved European stores plus a few less familiar to the British shopper. La Vallée Village is a mecca for shoppers looking for high-end purchases at a discount price. Designer brands here include Gucci, Tory Burch and L’Occitane. Much as the name suggests, it really does have a pretty village feel.

The Village is a Window Shoppers Paradise.

If you have the budget and the inclination you could blow a pretty penny here. Jimmy Choo, Longchamp, Prada, Loewe. Many things of beauty, but I’m not a designer buyer. I do like a bit of designer window shopping, I can admire a handbag with a four figure price tag like a nice piece of art with no desire to actually take it home. You can also smirk at the shoppers queueing just to get into the shops. Personally, I think given that the customer is a brands life blood they should welcome  with open arms not snootily line people up outside to be admitted a few at a time. That got a bit ranty, didn’t it? At the other end of the scale…

Things Helen Loves, Disney branded make up bag in Primark
Cute Disney Finds in Primark

Primark…Featuring a Dedicated Disney Section.

Primark is always worth a visit in my opinion, but Val d’ Europe Primark comes into its own because it has played up the proximity to DLP beautifully with a Disney merch section. A whole department of Disney loveliness at Primark prices. A great way to stretch your Disney budget. Of course, being Primark, as well as the Disney stuff , you’ll also find lots of Harry Potter related items , pretty PJ’s and a few things you never knew you needed.

Auchan Supermarket.

If you are self catering, or just want to pick up snacks and basic supplies, this place is your friend. If this place doesn’t sell it, you probably don’t need it. Prices are infinitely more budget friendly in the Disney parks and hotels, and this place is easily accessible even if you don’t have your own transport. Winner.

Things Helen Loves, image of decorated Eclairs

Food Options Galore.

Whatever you fancy, you are likely to find something to suit. Fast food, sit down meal, treat from the bakery…between the Vallee Village and abundance of options in the mall, you will not go hungry. We were feeling particularly French and fancy and went with the sweet treat option of macarons and eclairs. Yes, both. You’ll find the iconic Ladurée and La Maison du Chocolate in the village. You’re welcome.

Sea Life Paris.

You’ll find the entrance to this place by the restaurant area in the mall, it feels a bit tucked away but if you are seeking out something that isn’t Disney or shopping, this might just tick the box. Expect a 360 degree ocean tunnel, sharks, tropical zone and Antarctic Adventure complete with resident penguins. FYI ,if you are planning to visit, save yourself some money and book ahead on-line, or see if your hotel has any promo leaflets with a discount voucher. You can, of course, just turn up and pay on the door but its better off in your pocket, right?

Information on Val d’ Europe here and La Vallée here

Apologies for the lack of pictures and for the fact that the ones I have thrown in aren’t the best. I didn’t have my blogging head on for this trip, I was just Mum-ing.

Until next time,

Helen x

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