Let’s start with the one thing I didn’t love this month: how quickly it went. Too fast. Everything else was golden.

Long lazy days, the whole family on leave and weather to rival many overseas summer holiday options. The weather got a bit extreme here and there, but we learned to cope. A dip in the pool, an afternoon snooze, another ice cream. I’m pretty sure I’m about 80% ice cream at this point.

August was a lovely month for me, and I hope it was good to you.

Here’s the highlights reel.

I Loved Watching…

Two late adoptions, fellow blogger recommendations.

Kicked off the month watching Baptiste. The series, named after the detective on whom it is based, is a spin off from The Missing. I mentioned this back in April after binge watch both seasons and getting whole heartedly behind the deeply caring and deep thinking Detective Baptiste.

Sarah from Travel With Me mentioned the spin off and it didn’t disappoint. Having previously watched Baptiste work his magic in France and Germany, this new story took us to Amsterdam. Mr THL and I used to get to the Dutch capital regularly, a long time ago. It got us thinking it’s time to go back. We’d be less for the partying now, but would see a different side of the city.

I very much enjoy reading Shazza’s monthly round up posts over at Sunshine and Celandines, and when one of her recommendations was a light hearted watch involving Channing Tatum and a dog, I knew she was my tribe.

Dog follows the road trip of an injured ex soldier and an ex-working military dog along the Pacific Coast to make it to a comrades funeral. It’s packed with touching moments, comedy and wraps up to a feel good ending. Winner.

Also, having spent almost four years ironing out the quirks of a similarly wolfy dog, there were some relatable moments!


The Dollmaker, written by Nina Allen.

A total wildcard for me, this book was the result of a ‘Book Blind Date’ scheme run over the summer by my local library. I tend to look to the same authors, the same genres, or for be drawn to the same style of cover. A book blind date is a great idea for me.

The Dollmaker is strange and slightly off kilter, but it works. It’s the tale of a journey, both literally and metaphorically, and of the connection between two people who haven’t had the easiest path through life.

It’s an unusual love story, a mix of the whimsical and mundane with a strangely uplifting ending. Worth a read.

Loving A Bit of Art Deco

I went for a bit of an explore in and around Southampton this month and found some Art Deco loveliness in the form of these old school seating shelters.

Lined up along the waters edge at Weston Shore- one of the few places in the city you can actually get down by the water- each of these shelters features a unique interior design in tiling.

They are dwarfed now by the industry on the river and the hulking tower blocks behind, but still lovely. An unexpected discovery. I love that they are still there. Listed and preserved, if a little overlooked.

Still in use too; all but one had been taken over by families. Deck chairs in there, picnics & flasks. Set for the day. Who needs a beach hut?

History, The Four Wheeled Kind

I tagged along to a car show with Mr THL, The Little Dude and his pal. While they were all over the drift cars and the like, I found love for a little bit of Hungarian history in the form of an old but clearly loved Trabi and some serious camper van inspo.

And of Course…

There’s been the usual getting out and enjoying the fields and woodlands around me, usually with The Wolf at my feet. We’ve got some new friends up on Salisbury Plain in the form of a gang of Highland Cows. It’s quiet here, a new herd is as close as we get to gang activity.

The place is still parched, but looking greener after a few spells of rain. There’s still been some good foraging, I’ve had basket after basket of blackberries. Some frozen, others went into crumbles and cordial.

August was fabulous but I’ve enjoyed picking the last of the blackberries and spotting the signs of Autumn incoming. September is upon us. It’s a fresh start, beginning-the-term, new pencil case of a month and I look forward to it.

Wishing everyone a great month ahead.

Helen x

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  1. You’ve filled the lovely warm and sunny month of August with lots of interesting activities Helen. I especially liked those Art Deco old school shelters in Southampton. Hope September turns out equally nice for you and the family all settle back into work and the new school term.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Marion- I’m not sure what happened, we’d intended to have a quiet time this month but nice things just kept popping up! Thank you taking the time to read and comment 😊

  2. Always such a positive spin on life, Helen, though I agree there were quite a few positives this month. I enjoyed a great couple of weeks in the UK. The sunshine wandered in and out but I didn’t come for the sun. Thanks for the recommendations. Wishing you a bright and cheerful September.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Maybe you brought the Sunshine, Jo? You’ve surely some to spare? I’m glad you enjoyed time back on UK shores, here’s to a good month to come 😊

      1. More than enough to go round! Thanks, hon.

  3. Your August looks and sounds perfect. I love that you have a herd of Highland cows living nearby. Just come back from Scotland recently and didn’t see any. Glad you enjoyed DOG, it’s an enjoyable film. Thanks for another great post. 🙂

  4. Lovely August month. We watched as well Dog and loved it. So funny.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      It’s a great movie, warm and entertaining. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment, appreciated!

  5. The old school seating shelters looked very interesting, Helen. I have not seen these before, and I agree they make for a nice, functional piece of architecture. It sounds like the blackberries didn’t mind the lack of rain, but glad to hear you have had some. In our area we were actually excited by the prospect of a storm bringing some much needed rain two nights ago…but it rained for all of ten minutes and that wasn’t nearly enough. Fortunately, we had a surplus going into July. I like your comment about September being a new pencil case of a month. Ready for Autumn!

  6. So glad you enjoyed Baptiste, it’s always a bit of a lottery recommending things!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      I didn’t even think of that! They seem very content and not at all concerned with the comings and goings, aircraft or other animals. A real pleasure to see.

  7. Picking the last of the blackberries? Up here, I hope we still have a month to go before the devil spits on them. I’ve hardly started!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Oh I wish for another month! No, they came early this year and most seem past best now. Plenty just shrivelled on the bush. Plenty of Apples and sloes though!

      1. Ah, we have to wait for frost before we pick sloes – or find room in the freezer.

  8. I am more than a little in love with Baptiste and his lovely accent.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      He does indeed have a lovely accent!

  9. I’m also a great fan of Baptiste. I enjoyed the second season ( with Fiona Shaw) more than the first though both were excellent.

    The art deco beachside shelters are marvellous!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      I must look up the second season, I didn’t know there were two! Baptiste is just such a likeable character.

      1. I’ve just checked and only season 1 is on Netflix. Season 2 is available on Britbox through Amazon Prime ( if you subscribe you usually get a free trial for 7 days, enough time to binge!) or the series can be bought through Prime Video for £13.99. Baptiste is called in to find the kidnapped family of the British ambassador in Hungary (Fiona Shaw) but of course things are not what they seem and there are lots of twists and turns.

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