And July is almost done. How was yours?

A funny old month it’s been, a bit of challenge at times. There’s been a few days that made me mutter rude words under my breath but also plenty of things that made me smile. There’s almost always something positive, isn’t there?

I’m shaking up the monthly round up this month and just posting a quick round up of things I loved in July. Without further ado…

Country Life

Long walks across forest and field, under evening skies and haunting cloudy skies. Meeting some lovely new bovine neighbours, spotting rabbits bobbing about ( a welcome sight, as myxomatosis ravaged the local population last year) and seeing the kites sailing over head.

Country life is definitely for me and this month more than ever I have loved some long head clearing, smile making, aren’t-I-lucky-to-live-here walks.

I did have to do a bit of army dodging this month as Salisbury Plain has been alive with military training, but even that came with pretty pink and purple smoke bombs. That gets my full approval and did make me smile.

Country Core Style with Fable England

Not an ad, not sponsored, just a genuinely loved brand I have fallen for this month. Fable England.

Creating beautiful accessories with a vintage feel, Fable draws inspiration from the art of story telling and the glorious British Countryside. The whole brand was inspired by a 1940’s scarf and it very much appeals to my vintage, country-core loving heart.

It was my birthday this month and I was lucky enough to be gifted a few Fable pieces, including a new purse with the prettiest mouse themed detail on the clasp.Absolutely delightful.


I’m a big Instagram user and often use the hashtag #flowersmakemehappy. Because they really do- cut flowers, wild flowers, weeds with flowers, flowers from the husband. I love them all and they genuinely cheer up my mood, a room, a whole day.

This month saw sunflowers and lillies blooming in the garden, the country lanes come alive with wild flowers and was I lucky enough to receive a big old bunch sent by Mr THL. Given that at that point I wasn’t quite sure where he was or when he would tip up again, they were a welcome boost.

Books… Library Books

Did you read that in the style of James Bond introducing himself ? Disappointed if you didn’t.

Having fallen out of the habit of reading a physical book, I’ve made a big effort this month to get back to it. And with that has come a rediscovered love of my local library.

Photo by Lum3n on

What lovely, friendly places to escape to libraries are. And so much more than just books. I’m now visiting, ordering and borrowing regularly again and loving it. I’d urge everyone to do the same. Libraries are always at risk these days, use them or lose them.

Ending the day by turning off all the tech and losing myself in a few turns of the pages has definitely been something to love this month.


I love foraging and my knowledge of what I can forage and where I an find it has grown with each season I’ve spent here in Wiltshire. The fields, forest and hedgerows can be very giving, if you know where to look.

I enjoy the process as much as the bounty. The walking, the spotting and the ‘a-ha’ moment when you have a good find. What goes on the table or into the larder afterwards is a welcome bonus.

This month I’ve had some raspberries and redcurrants, plus some very early apples and blackcurrants. The latter still aren’t at their sweetest, but good enough for some crumble and cordial, and the amount of blossoms and still- green berries on the bushes tells me there’s plenty more good stuff to come.

That’s a lovely thought to end on, isn’t it? Hoping your month ahead is nothing but good stuff. If you enjoyed this post, do leave me a comment. It makes my day.

Helen x

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  1. Loved your pink birthday purse Helen, your countryside walks and the fresh produce you foraged and grew! Hope August goes well too!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thank you Marion, wishing you a happy August filled with adventures too!

  2. I do enjoy reading about other people’s gardens, always interesting to see what other people are growing. Couldn’t agree more about libraries, I set myself the challenge of reading at least one book per month from library this year, so far I’ve read 10 and it’s encouraged me to read some books that I probably wouldn’t have bought, wonderful community resource. 😊

  3. Life at the countryside looks appealing ☺️ Also, life in pink it’s always gorgeous! Hope August brings everything you wish for 😊

  4. Amazing photos! I have to admit, I love seeing English countryside in period dramas πŸ™‚

  5. A definite πŸ‘πŸ» for libraries from me! As for July, we spent most of it on holiday and missed the heatwave entirely by being in the Outer Hebrides at the time.

  6. themindfulstag says:

    July is such a beautiful month. Bookstores and being outdoors was the highlight of my July. Loved reading about yourself πŸ™‚ Beautiful photos as well!

  7. Looks like you had a good July and thanks for introducing me to Fable (I can always do with a new purse to add to the zillions on my purse shelf). I couldn’t agree with you more about libraries and ur need to support them. I’ve been a library user all my life and never got into ready on a tablet. I warn you though, once you’re back into reading ‘proper’ books, your blog will suffer! Time just drifts away when lost in a book.

  8. I do need to rediscover my library. I’m guilty of completely giving up after lockdown, when I should be using such an important resource. You have inspired me to get back there! I am not a gardener at all, but I do love seeing all the pretty wildflowers that are in bloom. Love your purse. πŸ™‚

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      I think libraries definitely suffered in lock down, I’ve really enjoyed getting back to it. My gardening is more enthusiasm than knowledge, but it’s always nice when something actually lives haha. Thanks for stopping by to comment, wishing you a good month ahead.

  9. You are a ray of sunshine! I must look for you on Instagram because I love flowers too. I talk to mine. Doesn’t matter because we have Portuguese neighbours and they probably don’t understand. Happy belated birthday greetings and I hope the sun continues to shine on you in August!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Ah, thanks Jo!

  10. I agree about the libraries! It’s great to be able to get back into them after the lockdowns. They are a refuge of quiet and great for exploring topics. Happy birthday Helen!

  11. July isn’t my favourite month, as the days start getting shorter, and the countryside and gardens start getting their just-past-their-best look. But I totally agree about libraries. I’m a huge fan, and a volunteer in our local one too. This means I get to snaffle a lot of new books as they come in. Definitely worth it. My month has been a bit humdrum, what with shaking off the fag-end of covid. But I think at long last I’ve done so. Roll on August, then!

  12. Loved reading what you enjoyed last month! Going to the library is one of my favourite things, and now that I’m back from uni for a couple of weeks I’m looking forward to visiting again. Lovely flower photographs, and that cute calf πŸ™‚

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thank you Caroline, that calf stole my heart! Enjoy your time back from Uni- is that you on Summer break?

  13. Can’t beat free bounty. I have been picking bilberries this week

  14. Gosh, I wish we still had good libraries here in Malaysia. I even miss the little rent-a-book stores we used to have when I was a kid. Those were amazing. And that’s so cool that you get to forage. That would be in my ‘loved things’ list too if I did it. Thanks for sharing, Helen!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, appreciate it!

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