Travel Inspired:German Unity Day

October 3rd was German Unity Day. A national holiday in Germany, it’s the day that commemorates the joining of the Federal Republic of Germany (West) with the German Democratic Republic (East). In typically German pragmatic fashion, the day has been carefully named so as not to place too much emphasis on either the division or… Continue reading Travel Inspired:German Unity Day

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Chatty Post: Travel with Kids.

Travelling with kids can be an interesting business. Search  #travelwithkids on that well-known research tool Instagram and you’ll be immersed in images of families travelling and travelling well. Capable children on the backpacker trails. Taking in cultural sites, behaving impeccably in museums. Siblings lined up beautifully on a beach or hanging out joyfully together in… Continue reading Chatty Post: Travel with Kids.


Right To The City: Exploring The Gangviertel, Hamburg.

Hamburg is a city that can make many claims. It is the second largest city in Germany. A city of wealth, although not ostentatious.Today, Hamburg is a bustling cruise port, tourist destination and second largest port in Europe.  It is also the proud owner of a quirky history involving  but not limited to a Great… Continue reading Right To The City: Exploring The Gangviertel, Hamburg.