Autumn in Berlin: Get Outdoors!

Autumn is a good time to visit Berlin. Lets be honest, you’ll never hear me say there’s a bad time to visit. But Autumn being my favourite month and Berlin. being my favourite city…well the two together make for a winning combination.  There are many things to love about Berlin. The creative, modern buzz. Its fascinating,… Continue reading Autumn in Berlin: Get Outdoors!

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Beelitz Heilstatten: History, Healing & Treetops.

Potts disease, Consumption, White Plague…all names Tuberculosis has been known by throughout history. Call it what you will, by the end of the 19th century this merciless and rampaging disease was a huge issue for the health authorities of Berlin. The modern medical minds of the time believed that treatment and recovery would be best… Continue reading Beelitz Heilstatten: History, Healing & Treetops.