Before I step into the details of the walk, can we just take a moment to appreciate the charm of the name, ‘Honeystreet’ ? It has a story book, Enid Blyton, everything-is-lovely quality, doesn’t it?

It’s a real place. A canal side village tucked away in Wiltshire and home to many lovely things. But I’ll get to that. There are other things to chat about first, because Honeystreet came near the end of a very nice circular walk in the Vale of Pewsey.

The Start Point: Woodborough Yard

Situated in the heart of Pewsey Vale, Woodborough Yard is a destination in itself. A complex of converted farm buildings, the yard is home to a mixed bag of independent shops and a cracking garden centre. The joy I feel at finding a good garden centre with a pretty cafe knows no bounds.

Things Helen Loves, Image of two donkeys. One is grey and is pushing his nose to the camera. Other is brown and looking down. Woodborough, Wiltshire.

Have a peek at Woodborough Yard here, it’s a grand place from which to start a walk adventure. Before setting off, couldn’t resist saying hello to these two. Added ‘ nice donkey pair’ to the list of things for the future.

From Woodborough Yard, we skirted the village of Woodborough and wandered through the pretty Wiltshire countryside until we came to…

Swanborough Tump

A little bit of local history. Interesting, but a bit puzzling as I’m not exactly sure which bit is the monument. The big historical looking mound we were walking alongside, or the stone with the inscription by the roadside?

Things Helen Loves, Image of snowdrops in front of wire fence to foreground. In background, a large mound, grassed. Swanborough Tump, Wiltshire

Whichever, the significant thing is this: this is the place where  King Aethelred met his brother Alfred, soon-to-be King, on their way to fight the Danes. Here they made a pact that should one die, the dead man’s child would inherit lands belonging to their father King Aethelwulf.

Either way, it’s a low key bit of history about a man who was kind of a big deal in these parts. Old King Alfred owned the estate of Pewsey and has a rather handsome statue in the village centre.

Walking Farmland & Field

After that, some good Wiltshire walking. Down a tree lined drive, onto farmland. It really is a fabulous part of the world to just put one foot in front of the other. Do that for a time on this walk and come to…

Ladies Bridge, The Kennet & Avon Canal

Love a bit of canal side walking. Canals are captivating- the boats, the community, the wildlife, even the bridges.

Most canal bridges are fairly plain, functional. Ladies Bridge is an exception. No accident, this.

Things Helen Loves, Ladies Bridge. Unusally ornate bridge over the Kennet and Avon canal, Wiltshire

When the canal was being cut, landowner Lady Sussanah Wroughton didn’t care for the idea of an industrial canal across her land. The Kennet & Avon canal was constructed anyway, but only after she’d been paid handsomely and had dictated that the bridge must be pretty.

Ladies Bridge still stands, is still beautiful and is now Grade II listed.

After Ladies Bridge, the canal takes on a wilder and more natural feel. It scoops out creating lake-like pockets in places. This too, no accident. Another condition laid out by Lady Wroughton was that her stretch of canal be created to look as natural as possible. Makes for some lovely walking, until you come to…

Honeystreet Wharf & Honeystreet Mill Cafe

From Ladies Bridge, there were two options with this route. One involved walking up a hill, which would have given great views and the right to feel virtuous for the rest of the day. The other was to cut off the hill bit and go straight to the cafe for coffee and cake.

Coffee and cake won. That hill is going nowhere, I’ll climb conquer it another day.

I’d discovered Honeystreet Mill Cafe online a little while ago and deliberately looked up a walk that would take us there. May my commitment to new places and good coffee never be called into question.

The place did not disappoint.

Things Helen Loves, exterior of Honeystreet Mill Cafe, Wiltshire

You walk in via a beautiful set of doors- don’t we all love a good door?- and the first thing you see is the cake counter. They had me at ‘Billionaires Brownie’. The menu is delightful. If you’re more disciplined than me, there are a range of healthy options.

The Honeystreet Mill Cafe is housed in an old saw mill building . You can see the bones of the historic industrial architecture, but its been softened with plenty of colour, fairy lights, a wood burner and the warmest of welcomes.

The welcome extends to four legged friends, the place is incredibly dog friendly. They even carry a range of doggy ice cream. We did, of course, indulge The Wolf.

Things Helen Loves, tub of Scoops dog ice cream with black German Shepherd behind looking longingly at the tib with his tongue out

Fuelled up, warm and rested we dragged ourselves reluctantly back out to walk.

Wiltshire Views

Back on the path, I spotted my country home of dreams. Bay windows, decorative touches at the roof line and the cutest porch complete with log pile. I can imagine living there and creating a lovely Victorian/ country inspired interior.

A little more canal side walking and then back into the fields.

Looking back, a lovely view of a Wiltshire icon. One of the famous white horses, carved into the hillside. This route picked up a little of the 94 mile White Horse Way, a walk that takes in all 8 hillside horses.

Things Helen Loves, Image of Wiltshire countryside with White Horse on hill in distance

I’d need a lot of cake stops to do that one.

Almost back into Woodborough, some local gang activity in the form of these bad boys. Mini sheep, full size attitudes. They came to the fence to have a good look at us and weren’t remotely bothered by The Wolf.

The route from here took us back into the village of Woodborough. Spotted signs of spring incoming along the way, always a cheerful sight. Through the village, over a bridge and the route delivered us back to the starting point.

A very Wiltshire, very lovely walk.

The Practical Stuff

The full details of the route can be found here, thanks to Visit Vale of Pewsey.

Parking at Woodborough Yard is plentiful and free. Use postcode SN9 5PF

The route is very dog friendly, with several dog friendly pubs and cafes along the route. It does cross a lot of farm land, so best on lead much of the time.

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Helen x

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  1. There are people I know who wouldn’t get past that Header, Helen. And when they did they’d beeline straight for the cake counter. Healthy options? Pah! A lovely walk though and I was very happy to amble along with you. Happy Sunday!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Ah, a little of what we fancy does no harm! Happy Sunday Jo, wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  2. A delightful walk to begin my Sunday morning. And I’d love to end it at that delightful café with you and Jo for company!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Margaret, good cake and good company sounds perfect.

  3. Geoff Le Pard says:

    Another delightful excursion. I’m sold on the cake though I think Lady Sussanah’ demands would make a captivating visit too

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Geoff, it was a lovely day wandering. Lady Sussanah sounds like she was an interesting woman.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Plenty of temptation, I feel like that place might appear on another walk!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thank you, the area has a rich history and it’s always a pleasure to explore.

  4. Helen, I loved this. So many things got my attention – the cake display in the cafe … I would struggle knowing what to pick. The drinks looked amazing too. The photos of the animals – your own wolf (gorgeous), the donkeys and the sheep. I see you got some snowdrops on your walk too.
    I didn’t know there were 8 white chalk horses, I thought only one.
    Your whole walk seemed really enjoyable, lovely scenery and lots of fun 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks for coming along Brenda, it was a lovely day out. Much needed and much enjoyed!

      1. We do need days like this

  5. The English countryside really is beautiful – especially when there’s cake! 🙂

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Countryside & cake, a winning combination!

  6. What a lovely walk and those donkeys are just gorgeous. Really nice signs if sprung with those snowdrops and crocus too. Up here in the north I’ve not spotted a crocus in bloom yet! Always a treat to complete a walk at a cosy cafe too.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Definitely good to include a cosy cafe, Spring is in the air but it’s still chilly. Unless a spell down South has just made me a bit soft!

  7. That looks a beautiful walk with all the history and those very cute donkeys and sheep. What beauties. The Wolf looks like he’s eyeing up the ice cream with anticipation! Finished watching The Last Kingdom in January, it’s probably heavily fictionalised but I was addicted. King Alfred featured heavily.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Oh I’m not sure I’ve seen that one, I’ll look it up. Love a bit of historical drama.

      1. I must admit I watched it mostly for the lead character Uhtred , who is quite dishy. 🙂

  8. Lovely, Helen. If Honeystreet feels a bit Blyton I somehow thought of Dahl when I saw the name Swanborough Tump. Like maybe that’s where The Twits lived or something. Happily the actual place seems far nicer. Lady Bridge is indeed so pretty, thanks for the historic info. The coffee and sweet bites look great, I hope The Wolf left them a good TripAdvisor review.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Oh yes, Swanborough Tump does sound a bit Dahl, doesn’t it?

  9. You had me as soon as that shot of the donkeys came up. A great little tour, and so happy The Wolf was treated to an ice cream along the way. The mini-sheep are adorable.

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thank you, the donkeys were definitely a highlight!

  10. I am bookmarking this post … that walk has my name written all over it!
    Great shot of The Wolf!

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Thanks Ruth, it’s a beautiful walk.

  11. You had me at Honeystreet! Definitely gave the Enid Blyton vibes. As for the historical stuff, the kings, Alfred and his brother sound familiar. Are they by any chance the same mentioned in the Netflix series, The last Kingdom?

    1. ThingsHelenLoves says:

      Yes, I believe so! I’m yet to watch The Last Kingdom but it’s on the list. Been recommended by lots of people.

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