I do love a bath. Preferably with some nice products, a good book and a drink on the side. Luckily for me, I live in Germany and my love of bath time fits right in with the German approach to wellness. This is a country where people believe in the powers of bathing in all its forms. Where people in the know realise that a good soak or steam with the right products can reduce stress, prevent illness, promote well-being. One company that has taken this concept to heart is Dresdner Essenz.

They make a comprehensive range of bath and body care products but I picked up two sprudelbad or bath bombs to try, as an introduction to the range. One of the things I really enjoy about living abroad is trying out new products I probably wouldn’t have stumbled across at home.

Before I even get to the product, a nod to the packaging. Each one features a scent sample so you can have a sniff and know what you are buying. Genius, in my opinion. The bold floral images are eye catching and the fact that each product is sold in neatly sealed individual packets make these a welcome addition to my travel wash bag. Because a soak in the tub is lovely where ever you go.


The first product was the limited edition ‘ Harmony and Happiness’, a fresh and floral summer scent.As soon as I opened the packet, the scent pay off was amazing. The whole bathroom as well as the bath water smelled divine. The fragrance also lingered on my skin after my bath for a good while. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and strength of the fragrance, given that these bombs are very budget friendly at about a euro an item. Affordable luxury indeed!


The second bath bomb ‘Warmth & Comfort’ did not disappoint either. For a start, it tinted my bath water the prettiest pink orange hue. This is classed as a Winter fragrance and I can see (or smell ) why. It is a very warm, floral scent. If you usually like fragrances of the Oriental family, this is one for you. It’s a very comforting scent and that combined with its warmth makes it  perfect for any winding down, night-time routine in any season. And again, beautiful, long-lasting scent pay off.


Both of these products contain a combination of natural, nourishing ingredients and essential oils. Impressively, they are also both Vegan. My skin can tend towards the dry and intolerant, but my skin didn’t react to either of these products, nor did it feel dry or tight after using them. I think the best way to judge a new product after trying it is to pose the question, would I repurchase? With both of these, the answer is a resounding yes! absolutely! In fact, taking into account how much I enjoyed testing out the products and that they are super affordable and  packed with naturally active ingredients , I look forward to exploring the rest of the range. If anybody needs me, find me in the bathroom!

Have you tried any new products lately?

Helen x



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