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The Victorian Cemetery, Highclere

I love a good graveyard. So stumbling upon this one rescued a walk-gone-wrong nicely. Also, as I wrote this, I discovered that July 21st marks the beginning of Church Tourism Week. So maybe it was meant to be. Anyway… The aim of the day wasn’t graveyard discovery, although I’m always up for a bit of… Continue reading The Victorian Cemetery, Highclere


A Tiny Chapel and A whole lot of Ladybirds….

In my last post I spoke of the altweibsommer or Indian summer, those final precious warm and sunny days before Summer hands us over to Autumn and the sometimes more challenging weather conditions that come with it. This weekend past , the weather gods smiled kindly upon us and blessed us with a perfect altweibsommer… Continue reading A Tiny Chapel and A whole lot of Ladybirds….