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Walking Tour of Winchester

So… Winchester. Located in Hampshire, keeper of a rich history, former capital of ancient England. Home to a proud military heritage and incredibly photogenic to boot. Worth a look, right? I thought so. Hence our first day out exploring anywhere beyond our immediate local area in a long, long time involved a self guided walk… Continue reading Walking Tour of Winchester

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Library Love @ The Lit & Phil Newcastle

January. It’s a tricky month, isn’t it. On the one hand a clean slate, blank page of a month. And on the other, after all the indulgence and fuzzy feels of Christmas, a bit of a bucket of cold water. Traditionally, January is the month of forcing yourself into fitness, of self denial and lofty… Continue reading Library Love @ The Lit & Phil Newcastle


24 Doors of Advent in Edinburgh

Yesterday was the first of December and that means two things. Firstly, Silly Season is officially underway and pretty much anything can be justified with the phrase ‘oh go on then, it’s Christmas’. Secondly, it’s time to begin the Christmas countdown by opening a door each day on an Advent Calendar. But it’s not just… Continue reading 24 Doors of Advent in Edinburgh


Reasons to visit Newcastle (Other than the Nightlife!)

Last month, I took a trip back to my hometown of Newcastle, for the first time in quite some time. It got me wondering why I’d left it so long to get back to such a bloody brilliant city. A city that is so well placed to explore the whole of the North East, a… Continue reading Reasons to visit Newcastle (Other than the Nightlife!)