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The Secret Herb Garden, Edinburgh

On the outskirts of Edinburgh, just between the place where the city peters out and the open space of the Pentland Hills begin, lies the Secret Herb Garden. The garden was created by Hamish and Liberty, who wanted to create something special that blended their love of herbs, good food and all things vintage. The… Continue reading The Secret Herb Garden, Edinburgh

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The Glasshouse Experience @ Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden

If you google the phrase ‘health benefits of getting outdoors’, you’ll get about 155,000,000 results, and the consensus seems to be that getting outside is good for you. I am an absolute convert to this way of thinking. I firmly believe that time spent outdoors has a direct positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing. But,… Continue reading The Glasshouse Experience @ Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden


24 Doors of Advent in Edinburgh

Yesterday was the first of December and that means two things. Firstly, Silly Season is officially underway and pretty much anything can be justified with the phrase ‘oh go on then, it’s Christmas’. Secondly, it’s time to begin the Christmas countdown by opening a door each day on an Advent Calendar. But it’s not just… Continue reading 24 Doors of Advent in Edinburgh