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Preparing for Winter ( And Lockdown)

Here I am again, blowing the dust off this little blog of mine and starting over. I didn’t blog at all in October. Not intentionally, I had plans. Unfortunately, so did life. My October threw up deployment blues, Covid related isolation, heating & boiler issues, cancelled trips…boo to all of that. I let myself fall… Continue reading Preparing for Winter ( And Lockdown)


German Saunas-Nakedness, Wellness & Better Body Image.

Before we begin, let me put it out there. This post is going to involve some talk about nudity, although fortunately no images of myself or anyone else in the nude. No sniggering at the back , please! Especially from the Brits. With that little disclaimer out-of-the-way, on we go.Why, you might wonder, are we talking about getting out… Continue reading German Saunas-Nakedness, Wellness & Better Body Image.