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In my last post , I blogged about getting outdoors if you are lucky enough to be visiting Berlin this Autumn. But, not everyday is an outdoorsy day. Especially at this time of year, when all seasons can occur in one day and random rain bursts can catch you out, no matter what the weather app said when you last checked it. Layers and a lightweight waterproof, never a bad idea!  If you want to get out of the weather altogether though, or fancy a coffee stop with a little something extra than Ritter Schokowelt is a sweet option. It’s a place kids love, but being themed around the wonderful world of chocolate, it’s really for everyone…unless you really don’t like chocolate. If that’s the case, this may not be the post or the place for you.

Things Helen Loves, Ritter chocolate bars on shelf

The main attraction here is  the opportunity to create your own chocolate bar, so not only can you indulge , you can indulge to your own tastes. Getting started is  simple, just purchase a ticket and make your way along the creation station where the Ritter Chocolatiers will blend your chosen ingredients to build your own custom-made creation. The tricky bit? Deciding what to put in it. Starting with a base of milk, dark or white chocolate, you then move onto the added extras. With offerings ranging from dried fruit to caramelized roasted nuts and pink peppercorns to fruit gummis , there is something to make the taste buds tingle, whatever your preference. Be sensible andstick to one theme  to create a nutty, fruity, crunchy or spicy option. Or, alternatively, make like my six-year-old who got a bit excited and dived in with some random choices. I think we ended up with a milk chocolate bar featuring mini smarties, fruit gummis and biscuit bits. Heston Blumenthal, eat your heart out.

Good things come to those who wait, as they say. Fortunately, having to wait a little while here while the chocolate is set is no chore at all. On the upper floor is the Choco Exhibition, a small but interesting  and interactive display loaded with fun facts about the Ritter brand and the process of chocolate making in general, from the cocoa bean to the finished product.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Berlin attraction without a Berlin Bear… this one hard to miss with the distinctive, colourful Ritter branding.

Things Helen Loves, Berlin bear in multi colours
Berlin Bear, Ritter style.

The Schokowelt is designed to appeal to all the senses and if you haven’t indulged in a self-made creation you can still do some tasting . The on site café offers up a range of sweet and savoury options, not to mention some good coffee and comfy seating. Very, very welcome if you’ve been on the go exploring the city all day.

Things Helen Loves, image of a cup of coffee on a saucer with small chocolate bar
Coffee & Chocolate. Winning combination!

If , like me, you think there is never a wrong time for chocolate then a visit to the Ritter shop to pick up a little something is a must. Chocolate here comes in every  imaginable flavour , in gift packs and collectible tins, in slabs and in tiny bite size bars from the pick n mix, ideal for making up your own selection. Theres also a range of merchandise on offer, if that’s a thing. Not for me, personally, I am all about the chocolate!

Things Helen Loves, large pick and mix tower full of mini chocolate bars

Having explored all the Schokowelt has to offer, all that is left is to collect your own marvellous creation from the counter on the way out. They come beautifully packaged and would make a lovely gift. But if that’s the plan, you might want to make more than one. None of ours made it home.

Things Helen Loves, Boy with chocolate bar in colourful box and teddy bear
Berlin Bear plus Ritter Creation equals Happy Boy.

As a final note, Id like to compliment the staff of Schokowelt. Before we visited we had read some mixed reviews of the place and the service on offer on a well-known review site. I can only comment on our experience but I found all of the staff to be friendly , warm and helpful. Particularly on the creation station where the staff, under pressure and with an endless, repetitive job to do, were brilliant with our kids. Service in the shop and café was equally smooth and pleasant. Credit to all who work there. I felt a bit sick when I left the shop but that was nothing other than my own gluttony. The staff were  delightful, as was the whole experience.

Until next time,

Helen x

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